Practice and Policy Resources

Family violence prevention

These No To Violence practice and policy resources are updated regularly to provide information, advice and support for family violence practitioners and policy workers.

Resources on this website also include articles, transcripts, presentations and audio files originally produced for – and at – the No To Violence Conference on Responses to
Men’s Domestic and Family Violence: Experience, Innovations and Emerging Directions

You can also access recently published No To Violence and other practice, policy and advocacy documents on the NTV website.

Resource categories
Downloadable resources from conference sessions, workshops and subsequent updates have been grouped under twelve categories or themes.

NTV conference archives

Opening and plenaries
Conference audio Listen now to the website opening and the daily plenary sessions.

Conference workshop schedule
To locate workshops by day, time or location, go to the conference session pages:
Session 1 (11.15 am – 12.30 pm Wednesday November 14)
Session 2 (1.30 pm – 2.45 pm Wednesday November 14)
Session 3 (3.15 pm – 4.30 pm Wednesday November 14)
Session 4 (11.15am – 12.30 pm Thursday November 15)
Session 5 (1.30 pm – 2.45 pm Thursday November 15)
Session 6 (3.15 pm – 4.30 pm Thursday November 15)
Session 7 (11.00 am – 11.40 am Friday November 16)
Session 8 (11.50 am – 12.30 pm Friday November 16)
Session 9 (1.30 pm – 2.45 pm Friday November 16)
or download the conference timetable.

Viewing this website in Google Chrome?
Conference PowerPoint presentations have been published as downloadable PDFs but to view any presenter notes included in the documents you must enable the Adobe reader plug-in. To do this, type chrome://plugins into the browser address bar. When the page loads you must first disable the chrome pdf viewer, then enable the Adobe PDF plug-in.

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