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Ten challenges and opportunities for DV perpetrator program work
The NTV Journal: Ending Men’s Violence Against Women and Children
Men’s Behaviour Change Group Work: A Manual for Quality Practice,
Mirrors Windows & Doors
Journeys in Fatherhood,
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For us it is about men
Family violence prevention in Victoria involves a long wait and we need to cut it quickly. The next step is about money; but it is also about lives to be saved. (November 2015).
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Ten challenges and opportunities for domestic violence
perpetrator program work

This paper by NTV’s Rodney Vlais examines the pressing challenges and opportunities facing domestic violence perpetrator programs in the current Australian context. While these programs and the service systems in which they are embedded continually evolve, currently there are significant transition points which are both subtle and profound.
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Ending Men’s Violence Against Women and Children
The No To Violence Journal

Australia’s only journal focusing specifically on practice, policy and research in working with men to end violence against women and their children. Articles from Australian and international contributors examine key issues − from service responses to primary prevention.
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Men’s Behaviour Change Group Work: A Manual for Quality Practice
Men's Behaviour Change Group Work: A Manual for Quality PracticeThis manual contains a full description of the minimum standards and good practice guidelines. It also provides in-depth discussion of 35 practice areas in running men’s behaviour change programs, and contains a range of example administrative and practice tools such as handouts, forms and pro formal letters. To purchase the NTV publication Men’s Behaviour Change Group Work: A Manual for Quality Practice, please download and forward us the order form.
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NTV Books
These books can be very helpful for men who seek to take responsibility for their behaviour. While men won’t be able to change just by reading books, sometimes they can be useful additions to attending a men’s behaviour change program.

Mirrors Windows & Doors
Windows, Mirrors and Doors coverThis book is for men who want to make changes in their lives and are looking for practical help; it describes real experiences of men who have used violence, and their journeys towards taking responsibility and changing their behaviour. It featuring men’s stories and information about many aspects of the behaviour change process.

Mirrors, Windows and Doors is intended for any man who knows or thinks he might have used violent and controlling behaviour. It is not intended to replace men’s behaviour change group work, but it can be a useful addition, especially for men waiting to start a group. Several people helped to write this book – people who are mostly working with men who are trying to make some changes. They have a wealth of experience and share a common concern to help people whose behaviour is affecting their loved ones.

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Journeys in Fatherhood
Journeys in Fatherhood bookcover“We are not born as great fathers, but, instead, it is a journey that takes many years of practice in finding out what’s best for us and our children.”
Journeys in Fatherhood is a collection of heartfelt and honest reflections on being a father: the highs and lows, the dangers, and the opportunities to be the best dad you can possibly be.

In this anthology many men describe their personal experiences of fatherhood. Some men have used violence in their relationships or have experienced the family court system, some have become stepfathers, and one man tells of the death of his child and what this has taught him about being a father. This book includes tips and practical tools, and invites you to consider different ways of being a parent.

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Men’s Referral Service brochures, wallet cards and posters
140320-brochure front panel-gb-i-250If you are a health, welfare or human services agency worker, you can help men to get the help they need by displaying Men’s Referral Service brochures, wallet cards and posters in your agency or service waiting areas.
Many men don’t know where to go for help, so a well placed brochure or wallet card can make a big difference.
Go to the Men’s Referral website to find out more, including how to order brochures wallet cards and posters.

NTV sector snapshot survey
Sector snapshot monograph coverIn late September 2010, No To Violence conducted a survey of Victorian men’s behaviour change program providers to obtain quantitative data and professional opinion for a submission to the Victorian government about additional resources for the sector.
Responses were received from 82 per cent of locations where a men’s behaviour change program was operating at the time.

In April 2011, NTV published the results in the monograph Men’s Behaviour Change Programs in Victoria – a Sector Snapshot which you can download.

NTV online resource library
Based on resources from the 2012 No To Violence Conference on Responses to Men’s Domestic and Family Violence: Experience, Innovations and Emerging Directions, NTV continues to build on, and update, downloadable practice and policy resources grouped across 12 themes.

NTV Annual Reports
No To Violence Annual Reports published in downloadable PDF format.

NTV/MRS e-news
Links to information, stories, articles, analysis and commentary about family violence issues published in the Australian and overseas media across the last four weeks.

The No To Violence/Men’s Referral Service newsletter.

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