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A Serious Step Forward in Preventing Family Violence Before It Starts

Today’s $328 million investment from the Morrison Government shows the beginnings of the commitment and leadership needed by our national leaders if we are to truly end men’s violence in Australia.

As part of the Fourth Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022, these much needed funds will support a range of interventions to increase women and children’s safety.

We are pleased to see $68 million committed for prevention strategies, which over time will erode the violence supporting attitudes and behaviours which allow family violence to take hold.

While these long-term strategies are important and will eventually save lives, the need to prevent and respond to men who use violence in the here and now, is just as critical.

Already in 2019, nine women have been murdered by someone known to them. How many more lives will be lost before we start addressing the cause of this problem?

We must engage all men in conversations around safer, healthier choices at all stages of their journey, whether they use violence or not.

A sophisticated, service response for intervening with men that fills in the gaps between prevention and prison, will keep him in view, promote behaviour change, and ultimately reduce risk for women, children and families.

We must work with the whole family, if we are to wholly commit to ending men’s violence.

These measures show the Federal Government is moving in the right direction towards ending Australia’s largest law and order issue.

No to Violence is here to let current and future Australian Governments know they are here to collaborate on what’s needed to intervene safely with men who use violence and bring about a change in their behaviour.

“For 25 years, No to Violence has been working at the frontline with men who use violence and power to control others, so they take responsibility for the harm they cause and understand they can choose to behave differently” CEO Jacqui Watt says.


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