Hard Work and Hope: Gaining Perspective on Engaging with Men

Why there's hope for a safer world for women. By Phil Barker A few weeks ago, I went to a wedding. We spent a wonderful weekend celebrating by a lake among the rolling, golden brown hills of the NSW...

No to Violence Welcomes author Phil Barker to join NTV Advocacy

“The performance of being a man, from the moment we open our eyes, until we gasp our last breath, is damaging us, and those around us” - Phil Barker.  No to Violence is delighted to announce Phil...

Active Bystander Training

Let’s start having everyday conversations to challenge the gendered drivers of men’s family violence. This 3 hour workshop is suitable for members of the general public interested in making...

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No to Violence is the peak body for organisations and individuals working with men to end family violence in Victoria and New South Wales. We also provide telephone counselling, information and referrals for men in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

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