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Policy positions and submissions

As a peak body, No to Violence advocates for reform and provides submissions to inquiries across a number of jurisdictions. We represent and engage with members from across Australia, as well as the latest Australian and international research and evidence.

Policy position papers

NTV Discussion Paper: Predominant Aggressor Identification And Victim Misidentification. Identifying predominant aggressors remains a challenge to family violence responses.

November 2019

NTV’s discussion paper highlights the need for all parts of the family violence intervention system to bring greater attention to the complexities of family violence perpetrators, their behaviours, motives, and presentations to more effectively identify, assess and manage risk. NTV highlights the negative role that victim and perpetrator stereotypes play.

Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions Report

November 2019

We are pleased to announce that Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions (EACPI) Final Report has been released and can be found here. The report makes 22 recommendations focused on strengthening existing perpetrator interventions, supporting emerging interventions, connecting with support services for other needs, identifying key areas for further work and research, and strengthening the foundations of the perpetrator intervention system. 

New South Wales Listening Tour Report

January 2019

No to Violence led a regional Listening Tour in NSW to hear what’s needed to better prevent and respond to domestic and family violence in local communities. With the valuable insights of this tour and many other meetings in NSW towns over the last 18 months, we have produced a report that calls for a much bolder investment from NSW leaders to ending men’s violence.

Victorian Listening Tour Report

October 2018

The tour provided humbling and educative insights into specific issues at each stop and gave us an opportunity to identify common themes that emerged across state. As the largest peak body in Australia representing organisations and individuals working directly with men to end family violence, our priority is to ensure there is continued bipartisan rigour and support applied to policy commitments arising from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, backed up by solid funding to support men’s family violence prevention and interventions in Victoria.

Victorian Aboriginal Men’s Programs Literature Review

August 2018

This literature review provides a overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s services aimed at addressing the behaviours that lead to family violence. In doing so, it also provides an explanation of the meaning of social and emotional wellbeing, to help establish an understanding of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities think about wellness and what conditions are required for individuals and communities to thrive. 

Online programs for men who use family violence

February 2018

The position statement explores the complexities of translating MBCP practice from in-person to online delivery. The paper explores the fundamentals of MBCP practice and the inherent challenges in translating programs to an online platform. While some supplementary interventions to MBCP have been developed, it remains unclear how a MBCP itself can be translated to an online setting. 

Fathering programs for men who use family violence

December 2017

No to Violence (NTV) believes that fathering programs for men who use family violence have a key role to play in supporting men to fulfil their role as a non-abusive father and parent, to increase women and children’s safety and to support men to have respectful relationships with their partner/ex-partner.


Submission to Department of Social Services: National Plan to End Violence Against Women

September 2021

No to Violence’s submission to Department of Social Services on the National Plan to End Violence Against Women (PDF)

Submission to Victorian Government: The 10-Year Social and Affordable Housing Strategy

April 2021

Family violence is the leading contributor to rates of homelessness in Victoria, with victim-survivors making up 44 per cent of those presenting to homelessness services. No to Violence’s submission supports the ‘Safe at Home’ approach to reducing homelessness among victims-survivors of family violence and advocates to increase resourcing for perpetrator accommodation services.

Perpetrator accommodation services present an opportunity to shift the burden of housing insecurity away from victim-survivors of family violence while connecting men who use violence to behaviour change interventions and support services.

No to Violence’s submission to Victorian Government, on Social and Affordable Housing (PDF)

Submission to New South Wales Joint Select Committee on Coercive Control 

February 2021

In the development of this submission, No to Violence has held or enabled consultations with around 500 experts, organisations, academics and victim survivors from across Australia, England and Scotland. This has included victim-survivors, First Nations women, LGBTIQA+ individuals and communities, and people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. No to Violence have also engaged and surveyed our members and colleagues in New South Wales who work directly with men who use family violence through the Men’s Behaviour Change Network. 

No to Violence submission to New South Wales Joint Select Committee on Coercive Control (PDF)

The House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence

Without working with the people who are perpetrating this violence, the rates of violence will continue to rise, and the tragic and premature deaths will continue. Family violence does not stop at borders, or at different levels of governments. We are all this together; the community sector, employers, employees, community groups, individuals and importantly, government.

NTV submission to The House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence (PDF)

No To Violence responds to Closure of Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence

May 2020

Jacqui Watt, Chief Executive Office of No To Violence, writes to Senator Rex Patrick regarding the premature closure of the Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence. 

No to Violence Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System

January 2020

NTV’s submission focuses on prioritising and protecting the safety and best interests of children, as well as seeking to increase access to justice, make simpler and streamline processes, addressing the high rates of family violence, making the system easier and less costly to navigate, and adopting a client-centred approach.

No to Violence Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System (PDF)

No to Violence Submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

July 2019

NTV’s submission focuses on the complex interactions of individual and environmental factors associated with men’s poor health outcomes, lack of help seeking, and high rates of suicide and family violence.

No to Violence State Budget Submission 2019-2020

February 2019

As we move into the next phase of the Royal Commission into Family Violence reforms, No to Violence’s State Budget Submission 2019-2020 outlines a vision to continue our shared effort to inform and shape a robust “whole-of-family” family violence system that engages directly with perpetrators to enhance safety and outcomes for victim-survivors.