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Media release: Men’s behaviour change campaign set to make waves across Victorian screens

Many believe that if they saw a man aggressively behaving toward his partner and children that they’d intervene. Often, this isn’t the case. One of the main reasons people are reluctant to intervene is because it may not be safe to.

The Victorian Government has released the next instalment of their behaviour change advertising campaign, and the theme is ‘Bystander Intervention’. On the advertisement, both safe steps and Men’s Referral Service appear as the primary family violence help line numbers to call for support.

The Men’s Referral Service is a men’s family violence telephone counselling, information and referral service and is the central point of contact for men taking responsibility for their violent behaviour. Additionally, No to Violence offer Bystander Intervention training and professional development for the men’s family violence workforce, small-to-large scale businesses, and a range of stakeholders within the integrated family violence service system.

No to Violence’s CEO Jacqui Watt states:

We cannot lose sight of the women and children who are currently living with family violence, but what we can start to do simultaneously is educate the public about how to end violence against women. For the past 25 years we have offered and delivered specialist Bystander Intervention training to the family violence sector, and we’re readier than ever to start addressing this whole-of-community issue publicly – men’s violence towards women – before it actually starts.”

“As we deliver the Men’s Referral Service and various other training, such as the Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management (Male Family Violence), our training is embedded in proven men’s behaviour change practice. We’re committed to delivering high quality training to the sector and general community about what being a true bystander is, and how to safely intervene.”

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