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No to Violence Welcomes author Phil Barker to join NTV Advocacy

“The performance of being a man, from the moment we open our eyes, until we gasp our last breath, is damaging us, and those around us” – Phil Barker. 

No to Violence is delighted to announce Phil Barker, author of The Revolution of Man as an NTV advocate.

Phil’s book is an uncompromising and thought-provoking look at what it means to be a man in Australia in these uncertain times. His account of the ongoing journey through personal growth, transformation and taking accountability reflects what NTV encourages in the men we engage with every day.

Phil recently met with NTV and spoke to our Men’s Referral Service (phone service) team, giving him further insight into how we engage with men and how the topics he raises in his book relate to our work.

NTV CEO, Jacqui Watt, says: “We are thrilled to have Phil on board. He adds a personal and clear voice to what can be confusing terrain. His time with us so far has already proven to be enormously worthwhile. We are sure the addition of his unique style and insight will add significant value to this conversation and reach a broader audience.”

NTV recognises the social drivers that contribute to men’s family violence. 25 years of experience dealing directly with men who use violence gives NTV unique insight into the most effective approaches in addressing men’s use of violence and the beliefs and attitudes that influence them.

Phil says “It’s incredible to see how this plays out in the real world – the work NTV do at the pointy end of this issue with men who use violence in their relationships. How it relates to the entrenched gender roles I discuss in my book is a real eye-opener.

“Through attending NTV training, it became clear to me that their practice is effective. It works – not just for men who use violence, but all men. Separating ourselves from the ‘bad’ men is a comfortable illusion. We all need to understand the gendered drivers of our behaviour.

“I’m honoured to be working with NTV to help change the beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and choices of men who use family violence.”

Phil Barker will be attending the Canberra Writers Festival this weekend participating in two conversations. He is hosting Dear Dad, a conversation on fatherhood with William McInnes, John Birmingham and Hung Le. Phil will also participate in the panel Behind Closed Doors alongside Karen Viggers, Rod Bower and Jane Gilmore, addressing how current conceptions of masculinity impact violence against women.