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NSW State Government’s budget demonstrates a measured commitment to end family violence

On 19 June, 2018 the NSW Liberal State Government handed down a measured budget (2018/19) forecast with $390m allocated over four years to provide greater protection for women, children and men experiencing family violence.

While not new funding, No to Violence welcome $600k to support men to address their use of family violence; $16.9m for the continuation of domestic violence reoffending initiatives, including supervision of high risk offenders and EQUIPS behaviour change program; $1.8m for NGO-led community-based interventions; and $3.9m for an integrated domestic & family violence service program, a coordinated multi-agency initiative to prevent the escalation of domestic & family violence.

Jacqui Watt, No to Violence’s CEO states:

“Today we have seen growing commitment from NSW’s Premier Berejiklian, and as an organisation, we are committed to go above and beyond to support our NSW members to expand their work with men, and connect NSW men who use family violence to our specialist men’s family violence helpline, the Men’s Referral Service.

When we engage with violent men, we can manage imminent risk, connect them with Men’s Behaviour Change Programs, and most importantly, keep them in view across the social service and justice systems. When we work directly with men who use violence to bring about individual change, we have a greater chance of keeping women, children and men safe.”

Along with the initiatives mentioned above, the key budget highlights see $26.5m for people escaping violence to relocate into stable housing in the private rental market; $20.6m for Safer Pathway (which will be state-wide by the end of 2018); $10.7m for the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service; and $6.9m for staying home leaving violence, supporting women and their children to remain safely at home.


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