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Policy Advisory Network


No to Violence (NTV) has around 180 members across Australia who are working with men to end their use of family violence. We are proud to be leading the change to end male violence on alongside our members.

As the national peak body representing organisations and individuals working with men to end family violence, the views and expertise of our members are critical to our work.

The Policy Advisory Network will provide opportunities for our members and associate members to be involved in shaping No to Violence’s policy positions by providing input on key policy work and submissions.

Your participation will enable NTV to engage with our members to ensure that our policy and advocacy work authentically represents our members’ expertise and experiences.


The aim of this Network is to embed the frontline experiences and expertise of NTV members in our policy and advocacy work. This Advisory Network will provide an important connection between relevant staff within our members and NTV’s Policy and Research team. This will enable our members to have better access to decision-making processes and ensure that the experience and expertise of our members is used to inform policy and budget decisions across all levels of government.

Becoming a Policy Advisory Network member

Member and associate member organisations may nominate up to two representatives who have policy or subject expertise and can provide advice on a policy-related matter and/or can offer professional or practitioner’s expertise, including case studies (non-identified), on a voluntary and as-needed basis.

The term of membership appointment will be 2 years (with option to renew or extend for another 2 years at the discretion of NTV).

Policy Advisory Network member responsibilities

The Policy Advisory Network will primarily be conducted by emails and/or online meetings. Where relevant, NTV will send out a call for input. We will use the Policy Advisory Network to ask for case studies, priorities, challenges, concerns, and examples of innovative practice to inform our policy and advocacy work and other related input.

The Policy Advisory Network will be contacted on an as-needed basis, and the entirety of the Network may not be contacted in each instance; members of the Network may be contacted based on relevant and appropriate geographic location, client base, experience in program delivery etc.

Meetings may be one-on-one consultations or in a group meeting, which will be held virtually and will not occur on a regular basis so as not to unduly burden its members.

How to nominate

Organisations can nominate up to two staff with relevant policy and/or practice experience and knowledge. Please complete the below form to complete your staff.

Nominations to close Fri 25th August.

Please note: you must read the Terms of Reference and No to Violence Code of Conduct prior to nominating for the Policy Advisory Group.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact