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Position Statement: Fathering programs for men who use family violence

No to Violence (NTV) believes that fathering programs for men who use family violence have a key role to play in supporting men to fulfil their role as a non-abusive father and parent, to increase women and children’s safety and to support men to have respectful relationships with their partner/ex-partner.

Fathering programs, along with other interventions for men who use family violence, form part of a growing suite of interventions available to men to end their violence and abuse. NTV supports well developed, evidence-based programs that are integrated into a broader system response aimed at improving the lives of women and children while keeping men who perpetrate family violence visible and engaged.

As new perpetrator interventions emerge we must ensure these interventions meet standards, have been developed from an evidence base and complement existing responses. As the Peak body for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs in Victoria and NSW and with members across Australia, it is our role to ensure that interventions targeted at men meet the principles of safety, accountability and change.

NTV welcomes all perpetrator interventions that connect to other parts of the family violence system, makes the work more integrated, increases the safety of women and children and holds men accountable.

NTV welcomes hearing from its members. If you run a specialist fathering program, we would love to hear from you. Please contact

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