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Relationship between gambling and family violence recognised 

The Public Accounts and Estimate Committee (PAEC) report, Gambling and liquor regulation in Victoria: a follow up of three Auditor-General reports has recognised the importance of addressing the link between gambling and family violence.

No to Violence provided a submission on the link between gambling and domestic and family violence to PAEC. Developed in consultation with our valued members, our submission is referenced extensively through the report and led to the following recommendations: 

  • RECOMMENDATION 32: The Victorian Government support further research into gambling harm, specifically into the impacts of cooccurring conditions, including the relationship between family violence and gambling. 
  • RECOMMENDATION 34: The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s reducing gambling harm outcomes framework be amended to address and monitor: 
    • the relationship between gambling and coercive control 
    • how contextual gambling factors impact the nature and extent of family violence 
    • how economic abuse is linked to gambling 
    • the relationship between online gambling and family violence. 
  • RECOMMENDATION 39: Gambling treatment and support services are integrated with mental health, alcohol and other drug, family violence and homelessness services. 

NTV’s submission calls for greater integration between interventions for gambling and family violence and focuses on three key areas: 

  • understanding gambling harm 
  • preventing gambling harm and  
  • treating gambling harm. 

NTV looks forward to working with the Victorian Government and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to implement these recommendations and help keep women, children and communities safer. 

Read our full submission