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Released: Report calls for sentencing reforms to increase accountability of family violence offenders

A report released by the Sentencing Advisory Council calls for a stronger response by Victoria’s courts and corrections systems to family violence offenders.

The report recommends a range of reforms to increase the accountability of family violence offenders who breach a community correction order or who are identified as having an increased risk of a breach. But the Council has rejected the adoption of an American sentencing model known as ‘swift, certain and fair’, which has been used in sentencing and managing drug offenders in some parts of the United States…

… ‘The Council has recommended practical reforms that will increase the accountability of family violence offenders sentenced to community correction orders and strengthen the system’s response to changes in family violence risk, even where no breach has yet occurred’ said Professor Freiberg. ‘These recommended reforms are one part of the broader criminal justice and community response needed to reduce family violence’.

To interview Sentencing Advisory Council Chair Arie Freiberg, contact: 0407 344 606

The Conversation published a concise snapshot of what this report means.
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