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Sector resources & support

No to Violence works closely with our members and across the national sector to establish best practice for everyone who works with men who use violence. A strong sector is essential for ending men’s use of family violence, and by leveraging and elevating the voices of over 180 organisations and professionals our membership, we strengthen the sector.

COVID-19 specific resources for practitioners

Across the pandemic, No to Violence has been working with its members and colleagues across the sector to share lessons and practice.

Men’s Referral Service

The Men’s Referral Service (1300 766 491) received funding from the Commonwealth Government in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic to expand support available across the country during these unprecedented times where risks and prevalence of family violence is high.

No matter where you are in Australia, No to Violence is currently delivering:

  • The Men’s Referral Service (1300 766 491), providing one-off counselling, de-escalation and referral to longer terms local supports such as Men’s Behaviour Change Programs.
  • A brief intervention service, providing multiple counselling sessions to keep perpetrators engaged in the system whilst they await longer terms supports (i.e. due to long waiting lists as a result of physical distancing restrictions limiting service availability).

Physical distancing restrictions required for interventions

Different jurisdictions across Australia are at different points of the pandemic, which will have impacts on the way interventions are delivered. Organisations should visit their respective state government websites to ensure they have the most up to date advice.

No to Violence has been funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide Remote Working Toolkit training – evidence-informed training to support get the best outcomes in interventions. More information is here.

Agencies are working hard across the nation to assist men to address their violence and abusive behaviour during these times. This page provides links to government COVID-19 restrictions and information on practice for the sector that works with men who use violence.  If you need additional assistance, please contact