GET HELP - if in immediate danger, call 000


COVID-19 pandemic support

Agencies are working across the nation to assist men during an unprecedented pandemic. We’re still here to help. 

The Men’s Referral Service (1300 766 491) is a counselling service available to men and families. The service specialises in family violence matters. If any of the following apply to you, please consider calling Men’s Referral Service: 

  • You feel “on edge” and are quick to respond to family members with anger 
  • You are having angry or violent thoughts about family members 
  • Your responses to situations feel like they “come out of nowhere” and you’re worried about how you might behave 
  • Police have been called due to your behaviour 
  • You are worried about your family members’ aggressive behaviour and you don’t know where to turn 
  • You cannot see your children and you don’t know what to do 
  • You have an upcoming court date concerning a family violence matter.