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Victorian Multicultural Commission: consultation

The Victorian Multicultural Commission invites organisations working with CALD perpetrators of family violence across Victoria to participate in a consultation.

You’re invited to participate in a sector-wide consultation for anyone who’s working with CALD perpetrators of family violence across Victoria.

Global Echo Consultants is hoping to reach as many CALD/ethno-specific and family violence services across all of Victoria and all language and cultural communities, to identify the following:

1.       How many CALD perpetrators of family violence are accessing your service for support?

2.       What are the gaps in service delivery you are facing? Whether you are working in the family violence specialist space or in the CALD sector.

3.       What support are you able to offer CALD perpetrators? Think about your unique skills in this space.

4.       What gaps have you identified that we might be able to support you with? For example staff training specific to working with perpetrators, sector partnerships, etc.

Hala Abdelnour, principal consultant on this project is a family violence expert, specialising in working with perpetrators and working with culturally diverse communities. As part of this consultation process, I am open to receiving your questions about working with perpetrators or working with CALD communities and offering you support in this space.

My key objective is to collect as much information as possible to drive future support for your services to better be able to work with CALD perpetrators of family violence, hence, better support the victim/survivors you might also be working with.

If you have questions about this session or this project, please feel free to get in touch:

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