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This training is suitable for all professionals who have an intermediate role when working with adults using family violence in both non-specialist and specialist services.

During this training, practitioners will learn to develop safe engagement and appropriate questioning to support identifying, assessing and managing family violence risk when working with adults using family violence and how and when to use MARAM tools in practice, including the Adult Using Family Violence Intermediate Assessment Tool, the Intermediate Safety Plan, and the Intermediate Risk Management Plan.

Training options include:

  • One and ½ day online facilitated training
    This option is a one and ½ day fully facilitated online training session. Anyone at the Intermediate level can attend this training.
  • Hybrid eLearn and one day online fully facilitated training (available in 2024, register your interest below)
    This option includes a compulsory eLearn and one day facilitated online session. Participants must complete the eLearn ahead of attendance at the training session. The eLearn should be completed 1-2 weeks prior to attending the facilitated session.  

It is recommended that individuals who have not completed any previous MARAM train attend the MARAM Victim Survivor training first.

All facilitated sessions are currently being offered online. In-person sessions will be available in future. For organisations, ACCOs or sector-specific focused training please contact NTV at to arrange, or register your interest below.

On completion of the training participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.