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MARAM Adults Using Family Violence (AUFV) learning program

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) has engaged No to Violence (NTV) to deliver the MARAM: Adults using Family Violence (AUFV) learning program.

The AUFV learning program will teach you how to keep adults using family violence in view and accountable and to promote the safety of victim survivors of family violence.

The MARAM framework outlines different levels of responsibility for professionals to identify, assess and manage family violence risk. The AUFV learning program is tailored for the three different levels of MARAM responsibility: Identification, Intermediate and Comprehensive.

You should register for the AUFV session that aligns with your role and MARAM responsibility level. Please see Table 1: MARAM responsibility levels and review the MARAM responsibilities decision guide to confirm which level of responsibility you hold.

Table 1: MARAM responsibility levels


Professionals who may come in contact with family violence victim survivors or adults using family violence while providing universal services.

Professionals who may have contact with people experiencing or using family violence in their work, however responding to family violence is not their core role or function.

Professionals whose core role is to respond to people experiencing or using family violence. 

Customised delivery for priority workforces 

The AUFV learning program has been customised for particular priority workforces. Please speak to your manager about how to register for customised delivery if you work within: 

  • The Orange Door 
  • Housing (including reception staff)  
  • Complex Needs Coordinators (CNCs)  
  • Child protection   
  • Forensic disability  


Pre-requisite learning and minimum attendance thresholds 

  1. The MARAM: Working with Victim Survivors of family violence is pre-requisite learning for this program. 
  2. Minimum attendance thresholds apply to the AUFV program. If you think you might not be present for some parts of the training, you may not be eligible to receive a completion certificate. Please contact for further details or if you wish to reschedule.