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Passionate Advocate is leading systemic change in the family violence sector with MARAM Training Program 

Meet Liz Wright 

With over 15 years of experience in the family services sector, Liz Wright now leads the MARAM Adults Using Family Violence training program, delivered by No to Violence. 

Throughout her career, Liz has undertaken various roles from practitioner to manager, always significantly contributing to family services. As a Specialist Family Violence Agency Senior Manager, she oversaw specialist staff at The Orange Door, led the Family Violence Connector Program supporting general practitioners, and managed other programs including the Family Violence Disability Practice Lead as well as the Principal Strategic advisor and was Deputy Co-Chair of RAMP.  

Illustrating her passion for tirelessly working to improve people’s life outcomes, Liz also currently engages in after-hours counselling and incident management with Life Without Barriers. 

Liz’s journey in the sector, marked by frequent encounters with family violence, fueled her passion for effecting change. 

“Working with MARAM isn’t just a job for me; it’s a deeply rooted passion. It’s about reshaping the narrative around family violence and empowering practitioners with the tools they need to make a real difference. Every day, I’m fueled by the belief that change is possible for men who use violence and MARAM is a vital part of that journey.” 

Recognising NTV as a leading body addressing male-perpetrated violence, Liz saw an opportunity to make a substantial impact. “Family violence was a recurring issue in my work,” she reflects “and I knew something had to change. NTV’s reputation made it the ideal platform for that change.” 

Having worked in other states, Liz commends Victoria for its efforts after the Royal Commission, particularly through initiatives like FVISS and MARAM. “Victoria is leading the way,” she says “MARAM provides a consistent and collaborative language, essential for clear risk indicators and effective response.” 

Under Liz’s management, the MARAM training program has engaged with various sectors mandated to understand MARAM, fostering a system-wide response to family violence.  

MARAM provides a great framework, and the training not only addresses using the MARAM tool, but it also includes really useful discussions on biases, intersectionality, and the misidentification of the predominant aggressor. ” Shared language, shared understanding, and shared risk assessment is what makes MARAM really great.,” Liz strongly assets. 

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