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NTV views on the One-in-Three campaign
No To Violence has responded to a question taken on notice about male victims at the November 5, 2014 hearing of the Senate Committee inquiry into Domestic Violence.
Read the full NTV response.

140825-vic-fvp-banner-250-wFamily violence prevention: state election scorecard
In the lead up to the Victorian election, the No More Deaths Alliance identified changes required to help save the lives of those affected by family violence. The Alliance and Fair Agenda then surveyed political parties standing in the election about their commitment to key related actions. Find out the results.

Stopping family violence must be a state election priority
Victoria’s leading family violence organisations are calling on the state’s political parties to commit to wide-ranging policies across housing, justice, police, health, education and other portfolios to keep women and children safe in Victoria. Find out more about the campaign.

Ten challenges and opportunities for domestic violence
perpetrator program work

This paper by NTV’s Rodney Vlais examines the pressing challenges and opportunities facing domestic violence perpetrator programs in the current Australian context. While these programs and the service systems in which they are embedded continually evolve, currently there are significant transition points which are both subtle and profound.
Read the paper.

Ending Men’s Violence Against Women and Children
The No To Violence Journal. Find out more, including how to subscribe to secure your copy.

MBCP cost modelling project
NTV is commissioning research to estimate the true amount of funding required for an agency to run a men’s behaviour change program in Australia – and we need your feedback. Find out more.

Project Mirabal
A high quality, multi-site, longitudinal outcome study of DV perpetrator programs is taking place in the UK. This research is highly relevant to Australian practitioners, policy workers and funders, due to the similarities in program provision. Find out more.

Strengthening accountability
Recently, NTV provided our views to the Victorian government on opportunities to strengthen accountability for men who use family violence. Read more.

No To Violence professional development opportunities
Find out more about upcoming workshops, seminars and events.


PATRICIA research project
No To Violence is involved in this Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) funded project about the interface between child protection and family violence services. Find out more.

NTV/MRS e-news November edition
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NTV News/MRS MouthPeace
Read the latest editions.

2014 NTV/MRS Annual Report
Download a copy.

MBCP consultation report (2014)
Read the report.

Fathers, family violence and intervention challenges
NTV is proud to be an industry partner in this exciting, three-year, multi-state research program. Read more.

System now in crisis
Last year No To Violence wrote to the Victorian Government about the worsening situation facing Victoria’s MBCPs. Demand pressures appear to have escalated even further since we compiled the report Holding men who perpetrate family violence accountable: A system nearing crisis point (2013).

More news

NTV Resources
Elements of DV perpetrator program work
An NTV article on weaving education, therapy, accountability, support, and solidarity/struggle for victim-survivor rights in this work. Read more.

Online resource library
Stemming from the 2012 No To Violence Conference, NTV has published an extensive suite of downloadable practice and policy resources categorised across twelve themes. This online resources library continues to be updated regularly as new resources come to hand. Join the updates alert list to be notified when new resources are published.

Program length and intensity.
In recent years, consensus is building that programs need to be longer than the minimum outlined in existing Australian minimum standards frameworks. Find out more.

Towards Safe Families: A Practice Guide for Men’s Domestic Violence
Behaviour Change Programs

No To Violence (NTV) and Red Tree Consulting have written a comprehensive practice guide for the New South Wales government on planning and delivering men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs). It provides an up-to-date account of acceptable and optimal practice in conducting this work. Download the practice guide and supporting documents from the NSW Lawlink website.

Managing waiting lists
As the gap between demand and capacity continues to widen, waiting lists are becoming a fact of life in Men’s Behaviour Change Program service delivery in Victoria. Read more.

More NTV resources

What Men Can Do is a website about how men can respond to and prevent men’s violence against women. It is for those who want to be more active in opposing men’s violence against women and children, men such as White Ribbon Day ambassadors and other male allies. By working through each section, you can listen, learn and understand, then reflect before moving on to act.

No To Violence publishes What Men Can Do and updates it regularly. You can receive email alerts about new content by subscribing to the NTV-MRS Newslinks Update.

Telephone Counselling
If you would like information and help from a telephone counsellor, please contact the Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491. Find out more about how the service can assist you.