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Each month we publish a list of links to information, stories, articles, analysis and commentary about family violence issues published in the Australian and overseas media across the last four weeks. Read the latest edition online.

Importance of partner contact in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs
Click here to see our comment on Miki Perkins’ article Domestic Violence: Men’s Behaviour Change Program Works, published in The Age, September 4 2016.

Graduate Certificate in Social Science – Male Family Violence
This Graduate Certificate study program provides a vital entry point for people wanting to undertake complex and challenging work with men who use family violence. The next intake for the Graduate Certificate in Social Science Male Family Violence is scheduled
for Wednesday 10 August 2016.
This will be the final enrolment for 2016 and the last intake planned for the time being.
Build your skills and qualifications base to work at a deeper level with men who use
family violence.
Download the course information and application pack.

Shame and engaging men who have been violent:
Opportunities for MBCP facilitators

This full-day workshop  will explore the nature of shame and how this powerful emotion impacts upon our efforts to engage men who have been violent toward those they have cared for. Wednesday 15 June 2016 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Multicultural Hub – 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Find out more and register here.

Working With Same-Sex Attracted Men Who Use Violence in Their Relationships
Victoria AIDS Council will be hosting a professional development workshop with speakers including Victoria’s Gender & Sexuality Commissioner, Rowena Allen, and facilitators of the ReVisioning same-sex attracted men’s behaviour change program.
The morning will include many opportunities for attendees to share their own experiences and challenges in practice, ideas for how to expand this work beyond same-sex attracted men and how a community of practice might work.
This is a free event but registration is a must.
Wednesday 11th May 2016, 10am to 12pm at Victorian AIDS Council

Collaborations in Fathering Intervention: Lessons Learned from Caring dads
No To Violence in partnership with CPS Berry Street and Melbourne University is pleased to collaborate with Katreena Scott and Tim Kelly, developers of the Caring Dads program from Canada, to host a Melbourne two day event May 16 -17.
The Caring Dads program will take participants through the program philosophies and materials. There will be opportunities to practice some of the key exercises from the program and will model how Caring Dads helps men: move from a position of minimization to engagement; recognise the need to become more child-centred and respectful in their relationships with children and children’s mothers; and change their abusive behaviour. 
Find out more and register here.

Men’s Behaviour Change Network NSW – 2nd Annual Conference
This conference is for accredited MBCP providers and practitioners, future providers, program managers and professionals wishing to develop their skills in engaging men who use abuse in the home while prioritising the safety of women and children. Wednesday/Thursday 4-5 May 2016, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm in Surry Hills (Sydney).

Gender Equality Strategy submission
Our Watch, supported by No To Violence /Men’s Referral Service, Domestic Violence Victoria, CASA Forum, and the Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria, has made a submission to the Victorian Government’s Gender Equality Strategy.
Read the submission.

NTV/MRS – now one organisation
Our name is No To Violence – incorporating the Men’s Referral Service. Find out more.

NTV/MRS in Canberra
NTV/MRS joined representatives from other Australian family violence services to lobby for dedicated, secure and ongoing federal funding of family violence specialist services.
Find out more.

NTV/MRS Victorian budget submission
No To Violence / Men’s Referral Service has sent a state budget submission to the Victorian government. It identifies what needs to be done to strengthen perpetrator accountability within an integrated Victorian family violence service system to increase the safety of women and children. Find out more.

Victorian government to spend more on MBCPs
In February, Victoria’s Minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos, visited NTV/MRS to announce a $1.25 million funding boost for the state’s men’s behaviour change programs. The Men’s Referral Service will receive an additional $145,000 and to help reduce men’s behaviour change program wait-lists, the government will provide a further $100,000 to train more program facilitators.This funding is part of the Victorian Government’s $16 million Family Violence Fund. Find out more (Victorian government media release).

NTV/MRS Professional development events for 2016
Narratives of desistance from intimate partner violence against women
With Carlos Clavijo. Tuesday 8 March 2016 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm in Abbotsford (Victoria). Find out more about the event and Carlos Clavijo.
If you are a No To Violence / Men’s Referral Service member you can also book for these follow-up forums with Carlos Clavijo:
Considering emotions and mentalisation in working with men who use intimate partner violence. A NTV member-only free event on Thursday 17 March 2016 from 10.30 am to 12:30 pm in Abbotsford. Book on Eventbrite.
Fostering narrative identity change through scaffolding conversations.
A NTV member-only free event on Thursday 7 April 2016 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in Abbotsford. Book on Eventbrite.

NTV/MRS 2015 Annual Report
Now online; view and/or download a copy.

For us it is about men
Family violence prevention in Victoria involves a long wait and we need to cut it quickly. The next step is about money; but it is also about lives to be saved.
Read more; download our fact sheet.

No To Violence members engagement forum
Wednesday 18 November 2015 in the NTV/MRS Training Room: 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
To find out more, including how to join No To Violence, call (03) 9487 4500 during
office hours.

NTV/MRS professional development event
The first for 2016: Narratives of desistance from intimate partner violence against women. Researcher Carlo Clavijo will discuss his research findings and the implications for MBCP practitioners and other family violence sector stakeholders. Tuesday 8 March 2016 in Abbotsford Victoria. Find out more, including how to book or go straight to the EventBrite website to secure your place.

Media reporting: make it real
Debate about family violence prevention and the effectiveness of programs for perpetrators is timely. However Martin McKenzie-Murray’s recent Saturday Paper story fails to cover the territory adequately and demonstrates that one-sided discourse is no substitute for an analysis of the facts and fair evaluation of the arguments. Find out more.

Further evidence of the long-term effectiveness of DV perpetrator programs
Two domestic violence interventions were delivered by the National Probation Service in the UK: both showed a reduction in domestic violence and re-offending behaviours in the two-year follow up period. Find out more.

The reality of family violence
Kirk, a Men’s Referral Service Telephone Referral Worker, responds to recent comments
about family violence by former federal Labor Party leader Mark Latham.
Read Kirk’s contribution to the debate.

Royal Commission into Family Violence
No To Violence has sent its submission to the Royal Commission in Family Violence.
Read the submission.

Family violence and LGBTIQ communities
No To Violence and Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre joint submission.
Read the submission.

Homophobia, transphobia and men’s behaviour change work
The study of intersections between forms of oppression, domination and discrimination related to gender violence and homophobia and transphobia. Kylie Lloyd for No To Violence. Read the full paper.

Royal Commission into Family Violence submissions
The Victoria Magistrates’ Court Family Violence Taskforce has submitted its recommendations to the Royal Commission. No To Violence/Men’s Referral Service is a member of the taskforce. Read the submission.
Also, read the OurWatch submission Getting serious about change and the No More Deaths Alliance principles framework for family violence system reforms.
NTV/MRS is a member of OurWatch and the No More Deaths Alliance.

Men’s behaviour change programs: minimum specifications
This paper, prepared by NTV’s Rodney Vlais for the Victorian Chief Magistrate’s Taskforce into Family Violence, addresses the key areas of referrer oversight and feedback, program length and intensity, individual case planning, partner support, children’s needs, and program evaluation. It concludes with a program costing and accreditation summary. Download the paper (PDF).

Catch up on back issues of NTV Voice and NTV Notes/MRS MouthPeace.

Opportunities for early intervention: bringing perpetrators of family violence
into view

A thorough review of Australian and international innovation in work with family and domestic violence perpetrators through the justice system. “Until we adjust the lens and bring those who use violence and coercion more clearly into view − until we intervene at the source of the problem − the cycle of this violence will simply roll on”. Published by the RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice. Download the full report.

Men’s behaviour change program cost analysis
NTV has completed a detailed cost analysis to guide governments in funding this work. Download the report.

Further evidence of MBCP effectiveness
A recently released Western Australian evaluation of court-related men’s behaviour change programs showed significant effectiveness in reducing recidivism amongst family violence offenders. Read the evaluation report and this No To Violence comment.

Strong evidence of MBCP effectiveness
Findings from a landmark UK study show very strong evidence for the effectiveness of accredited domestic violence perpetrator programs. Download the final report, visit the Project Mirabal website and read our views on the relevance to Australia.

Call to action for MBCP managers
The Australian Research Council Linkage project Fathering Challenges is researching programs that work with men who are violent and programs working with men who are fathers. No To Violence is a partner in this project and researchers are now contacting program managers for interviews. Information gathered will build baseline knowledge about how programs deal with the dual issues of violence and fathering. NTV urges members who are contacted by the research team to participate in interviews.

NTV views on the One-in-Three campaign
No To Violence has responded to a question taken on notice about male victims at the November 5, 2014 hearing of the Senate Committee inquiry into Domestic Violence.
Read the full NTV response.

Ten challenges and opportunities for domestic violence perpetrator program work
This paper by NTV’s Rodney Vlais examines the pressing challenges and opportunities facing domestic violence perpetrator programs in the current Australian context. While these programs and the service systems in which they are embedded continually evolve, currently there are significant transition points which are both subtle and profound.
Read the paper.

I work as a men’s behavioural change practitioner
The men we deal with come from a variety of backgrounds… their levels of entitlement might be different, but ultimately they all feel some level of it.
Find out more on the Daily Life website.
More news

NTV Resources
Elements of DV perpetrator program work
An NTV article on weaving education, therapy, accountability, support, and solidarity/struggle for victim-survivor rights in this work. Read more.

Online resource library
Stemming from the No To Violence Conference (2012), NTV has published an extensive suite of downloadable practice and policy resources categorised across twelve themes. This online resources library continues to be updated regularly as new resources come to hand. Join the updates alert list to be notified when new resources are published.

Towards safe families: A practice guide for men’s domestic violence behaviour
change programs

No To Violence (NTV) and Red Tree Consulting have written a comprehensive practice guide for the New South Wales government on planning and delivering men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs). It provides an up-to-date account of acceptable and optimal practice in conducting this work. Download the practice guide and supporting documents from the NSW Department of Justice website and find more resources on the Department’s program provider support page.

Managing waiting lists
As the gap between demand and capacity continues to widen, waiting lists are becoming a fact of life in Men’s Behaviour Change Program service delivery in Victoria. Read more.

More NTV resources

What Men Can Do is a website about how men can respond to and prevent men’s violence against women. It is for those who want to be more active in opposing men’s violence against women and children, men such as White Ribbon Day ambassadors and other male allies. By working through each section, you can listen, learn and understand, then reflect before moving on to act.

No To Violence publishes What Men Can Do and updates it regularly. You can receive email alerts about new content by subscribing to the NTV-MRS Newslinks Update.

Telephone Counselling
If you would like information and help from a telephone counsellor, please contact the Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491. Find out more about how the service can
assist you.