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How Men’s Referral Service (MRS) programs can support your work

Do you work with men to support them to change their violent and/or abusive behaviour?  

Do you have waitlist blowouts or family violence programs stretched to the limit? 

Men’s Referral Service (MRS), operated by No to Violence, can support your important work. The Brief Intervention Service (BIS) can help keep your men supported, engaged and in view while they wait to get into a program.   

Aligning to your goals and values 

The Brief Intervention Service is a short term, multi-session family violence telephone counselling support service for men who are on a waiting list for family violence support (such as men’s behaviour change program) and who are willing to engage in respectful conversation around their use of family violence and its impact on family members. 

Counselling sessions are focussed on supporting men to reflect on their use of violence, explore personal accountability, learn new strategies to support non-violent relationships and build safe families.  

Counsellors may also identify and provide appropriate referrals to other services, including but not limited to men’s behaviour change programs. 

Who can BIS support 

The Brief Intervention Service supports men who are unable to access family violence support because of:  

  • Services that are not readily available, and unable to take active referrals due to waitlists  
  • Living in remote or regional areas
  • Barriers to attend group programs  
  • Coming from a non-English speaking background.  

How BIS works 

Men can access multiple (up to 10) phone counselling sessions.  

During the session:  

  • Qualified counsellors aim to support men in their goal to change behaviours  
  • A key focus is on the safety of women and children  
  • Qualified counsellors will work to connect men with other ongoing services. 

After completion of the program, BIS can provide evidence of the man’s engagement to meet legal requirements and justice responses.  

Note: the Brief Intervention Service is not, and does not replace, a men’s behaviour change program or group. 

How to refer your clients into BIS 

Men can only access the Brief Intervention Service via an internal referral from the Men’s Referral Service or a referral from other services. 

Click here to refer your client into BIS.