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No to Violence Strategic Plan 2021-2025

No to Violence is pleased to share its Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

Although the past couple of years have observed change, upheaval and uncertainty, our vision is still crystal clear: a world free from male violence. 

That vision is ambitious. And so is this Plan. But that ambition has been built on what we know about the work, what our organisation has been able to achieve in the last few years and the work with our partners.  

We’d like to acknowledge and thank not just our partners, but particularly our members – both individual and organisations – for the vital role they have played in our work for more than three decades.

It is our members who ensure the foundations of our work are more solid than ever, even in this current climate where sometimes it feels like there are more questions than answers. Their work and feedback to us have been vital inputs into the Strategic Plan.

Watch No to Violence Board Chair Stefan Grun and CEO Jacqui Watt present the Strategic Plan 2021-2025: