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No to Violence commends AFL on Tarryn Thomas suspension

No to Violence commends the AFL and the North Melbourne Football Club for suspending player Tarryn Thomas after finding him guilty of “multiple breaches” of the AFL’s code of conduct. 

“It’s great to see footy, a bastion and role model for masculinity, saying no and setting clear boundaries and helping to shape community attitudes,” said No to Violence CEO Phillip Ripper. 

“We’re pleased to see the AFL and North Melbourne taking a stand and condemning disrespectful behaviour against women.” 

Tarryn Thomas has been stood down from the entire 2024 AFL season after being found guilty of engaging in multiple acts of misconduct including threatening a woman via direct messages. 

He has also been directed to attend a behavioural change program. 

Mr Ripper said the attitudes and behaviours modelled by players, coaches, media personalities, supporters and administrators are instrumental in shaping the values of communities. 

“Sport plays a crucial role in Australian culture. The way sporting codes, clubs, players, coaches and administrators behave and respond to disrespect and violence against women has a huge impact in the broader community.” 

“These things are all connected: when influential individuals and organisations call out violent, abusive and controlling behaviour they show men and boys everywhere that these kinds of behaviours are not on.” 

“Boys do not have to grow into violent men. Violence is a learnt behaviour. And violence is a choice.” 

“It is only by increasing focus on the choices men make to use violence and keeping them accountable that we will end the scourge of family and domestic violence in this country.” 

“Family and domestic violence is everyone’s problem. But it begins and ends with men.” 

“For too long, the focus has been on helping women and children who are hurt by abuse – not on stopping the men from hurting them in the first place.” 

For 30 years, No to Violence has worked to develop safe and effective interventions for men using family and domestic violence. 

Mr Ripper encouraged any man across Australia worried about his violent behaviour to call Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491 or visit for advice and support. 

To interview Phillip Ripper please contact Sala Goma at or on 0479 112 958.