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No to Violence statement on Borce Ristevski sentence

No to Violence Chief Executive Officer Jacqui Watt said:

“Family violence cannot end until the men who use family violence change the actions they take in harming women and their beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and choices.

“The question we must ask is this: does this sentence reflect community attitudes now that the community is more aware of the prevalence and serious nature of family violence? The answer is clearly no.

“Further, will this sentence work as a deterrent? Again, the answer is no.

“At the end of the day men kill women because they think they’re entitled to do it.

“No to Violence works at the frontline with men who use violence and power to control their family relationships, to support them to take responsibility for the harm they cause.

“The safety of partners, women and children is central to our work – to protect them and allow them to have happier, safer, more fulfilled lives.

“There is no ‘quick fix’ to stop family violence. No To Violence is only one part of the sector, working alongside and supporting the work of women’s services. But the evidence shows that working directly with men to change their behaviour can contribute to the safety of women and children.

“We need to engage with men and families much earlier if we are to spot danger signs better. We are open 7 days a week and can be contacted on 1300766491.”


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