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No to Violence to Assist Students Moving into the Men’s Family Violence Workforce

As part of Victoria’s Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Work Project, No to Violence will host 10 students within its Men’s Referral Service, Policy and Research teams during the next 12 months.

The project is led by the Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of Family Safety Victoria, in partnership with VCOSS, Domestic Violence VictoriaDomestic Violence Resource Centre and the Future Social Services Institute.

No to Violence, which began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation and has worked with students and volunteers in varying capacities ever since, is proud to be part of this workforce development initiative. Initiatives such as this, along with No to Violence’s training and membership, play an active role in strengthening the skills and development of an essential men’s family violence workforce.

In March of 2018, Jeni Paton, completed a three-month student placement at No to Violence while completing a Dual Diploma of Community Services and Community Development at Victoria Polytechnic. Shadowing with telephone counsellors in the Men’s Referral Service, assisting with membership meetings and with men’s family violence prevention activities, provided a “valuable learning experience” says Jeni. “It’s such important and challenging work, and getting to see what NTV do on a daily basis was fascinating. I feel exceptionally lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from the extensive knowledge and experience of NTV staff,” says Jeni. Jeni now plans to complete the No to Violence and Swinburne University Graduate Certificate in Client Case Management and Assessment (Male Family Violence) and is looking to gain more experience at a family violence organisation.

No to Violence hopes it can inspire more students to work in the men’s family violence sector over the next 12 months. This new project emerged from the Building from Strength: 10-Year Industry Plan for Family Violence Prevention and Response and will help equip a range of workforces with the expertise and resources to deliver the services and support needed by Victorians impacted by family violence. This includes the specialist family violence, primary prevention workforces and other sectors that work with victim survivors and perpetrators of family violence or play a role in primary prevention, such as health, community services, justice and education and training.

The 10 Year Industry Plan was a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence and at its centre is building a flexible and dynamic workforce that puts equality, safety and accountability at the core of everything we do.

The Project aims to support the development of the family violence and community services workforce through:

  • Student placements in community services sector organisations which provide specialist and/or non-specialist family violence services
  • Supervision training for experienced workers to enhance their competence and confidence (in working with students and practice entrants)
  • Developing and transitioning graduates and new workers to family violence roles.

No to Violence student placements for 2019 will be booked by Education Providers directly via the PlaceRight student placement booking system. If you or someone you know is interested in completing a placement at No to Violence, please contact your education provider’s Placement Coordinator.