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New South Wales No to Violence Listening Tour Report

In January 2019, No to Violence led a regional Listening Tour in NSW to hear what’s needed to better prevent and respond to domestic and family violence in local communities.

At every stop, we heard front line service providers and community leaders tell us they were underfunded, overstretched and struggling to adequately prevent and respond to men’s family violence.

With the valuable insights of this tour and many other meetings in NSW towns over the last 18 months, we have produced a report that calls for a much bolder investment from NSW leaders to ending men’s violence.

Ahead of the NSW election on 23 March, No to Violence is now asking NSW politicians to commit:

  • $40m dedicated men’s behaviour change sector funding
  • $1m to develop a range of interventions with men who use violence
  • $800k to develop a practice framework to work with young men using intimate partner and family violence.

These are just a few of the must-haves No to Violence is asking for in its NSW Listening Tour Report which you can read in full below.

View Full Report here

Between now and the election we will be meeting with key NSW politicians to make sure they address the needs and concerns raised in this report and invest in services and strategies that keep perpetrators in view and keep women, children and families safer.

Please share this report widely and do contact us with any enquiries at