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NTV Remote Working Toolkit

This COVID-19 responsive training is fully funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide national training to practitioners and counsellors working directly with men using family violence. With a focus on telephone counsellors and men’s behaviour change practitioners working online or those working one on one using individual counselling approaches by telephone, this webinar training is designed to refresh and skill practitioners in de-escalation techniques to reduce harm and increase safety.   The Remote Working Toolkit uses specialist engagement strategies specific to working with men using family violence for the purpose of immediate de-escalation, safety and accountability planning as well as warm referrals to adjunct services (individual support for AOD and mental health or health issues) and specialist FV support (MBCP groupwork and Men’s Case Management). The Toolkit is designed as an ‘insertion’ piece into existing clinical practice that acts as a support to practice in a range of service delivery contexts.  

The purpose is to ‘interrupt’ the escalation of agitation by providing men using family violence with a range of options to understand that they have agency in their choices to use or not use violence and that they are capable and competent in learning a skillset to de-escalate, pivot to help seeking behaviours and action a safety and accountability plan.

Delivery mechanism: 

  • 1-hour webinar with 1-hour online reflection discussion

Training Release:

  • Watch this space for release dates in late July early August 2020