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NTV Remote Working Toolkit

The NTV Remote Working Toolkit has been released as a national training initiative to support telephone counsellors in their work directly with men using family violence.  A range of sectors have been represented this month including; AOD counsellors, mental health practitioners and MBCP facilitators. 

Feedback from the training indicated that the Discussion Toolkit reinvigorated experienced counsellors with some new ways of engaging with men using family violence and centred the core work on client responsibility for safety and accountability planning. 

We asked some of the participants, what has been the one practice intervention that you’ve used since attending the training?

  • Body Signs and the Traffic Light Tool
  • The Traffic Light Tool
  • The Thought Stacking Tool
  • I used the traffic lights tool with a client in a session after training today and it worked well to have that visual analogy when talking about safety planning.
  • The examples of conversations and words/scripts to use when speaking to a person who uses violence.
  • I just love Tori’s enthusiasm and knowledge base. Excellent material provided to extend learning – visuals are great. Kim’s lead discussion on smoke screens was awesome too!