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NTV submission to Royal Commission into Mental Health System

No to Violence has drawn on consultations with our members and stakeholders across the family violence, justice and mental health systems to help inform our recent submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

Our submission – including eight recommendations – highlights the importance of the mental health system taking a violence and trauma-informed approach to mental-ill health and mental illness and the need for greater co-ordination between family violence and mental health services.

It also notes that masculine gendered norms lead to a lack of help seeking and to poor health outcomes in men, as well as the impacts of family violence and childhood trauma on family violence victim survivors, and the need to move away from the use of imprisonment and invest in rehabilitation for low-risk offenders living with a mental illness.

NTV would like to thank everyone who participated in a survey, took part in a consultation, sat for an interview or engaged with us on social media to help inform our submission.

The submission to the Royal Commission into the Mental Health System can be found here.