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Responding to COVID-19: We’re still open for business

On Monday 16 March 2020, in line with government recommendations, No to Violence implemented a work from home policy for the majority of its workforce. This was a decision taken to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus, and importantly, to protect our colleagues who operate the vital Men’s Referral Service.  The Men’s Referral Service has been designated an essential service and as such we are reinforcing our business continuity and our ability to scale up the service to meet a probable rise in demand. 

Our staff spent that week calling our members and preparing materials to assist our membership in their work with men.  On Friday that week, we hosted our first member briefing session. The current pandemic has restricted sector workers from face-to-face behaviour change groups and counselling services. 

As a peak body, we felt a strong sense of purpose: to bring our member community together to support, equip and prepare the workforce for rapid and unexpected changes that impact  many of our services. And to provide consideration and insights on how to work within the restrictions to still work safely with men. 

No to Violence COVID-19 member sessions  

Almost 150 people attended our first briefing session. This response demonstrated the need to connect in this difficult time. This session was followed up by daily drop-ins for all members, with attendance rates demonstrating an upward curve as we ended the second week of self-isolation.  

A range of issues are being discussed are at these sessions from online counselling to cyber security, they are adding to our practice knowledge with real on-the-ground examples and scenarios  

The drop-ins continue this week (to be held every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday allowing for a Victorian members forum on Tuesday) and we will continue to inform our members. If you have suggestions for topics to be discussed please contact: