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This weekend NSW will head to the polls to decide on its next government.  

Yesterday, both Labor and the Coalition announced their budgets on domestic and family violence, allocating nowhere near enough funds to stop the scourge of men’s violence across the state.  

Labor has announced no new funding for the perpetrator intervention sector.  

The Coalition has not addressed ending men’s family violence through funding men’s behaviour change programs and perpetrator interventions. 

This is a statement from Jacqui Watt, No to Violence CEO. 

“The family violence sector in NSW is persistently and severely under-funded.  

Both NSW Liberal and Labor parties campaigned in this election on women’s safety. 

On NTV’s recent election tour of NSW we met with the DV sector and local candidates from Labor, Liberal, Greens, National and Independent parties.  

We heard time and again that there simply is not enough funding to end men’s family violence. 

Ending men’s family violence requires accessible, evidence-based programs that support the safety and well-being of victim-survivors and change the behaviour of people who choose to use family violence.  

We are disheartened and disappointed to hear that both NSW Liberal and Labor parties have failed to take this opportunity to commit to new and additional funding for services that work with men to change their behaviour. 

We encourage both parties to revisit their position if they win government after March 25. 

Significant government investment in prevention, early interventions and men’s behaviour change must happen if we are serious about reducing – and ending – the scourge of family and domestic violence in this country.  

It is time to recognise that we cannot stop family and domestic violence until we stop men from using violence and abuse.  

If we are to be serious about ending men’s family violence the sector needs to be funded properly.” 

Read NTV’s 2023 NSW election statement here. 

Stop the cycle of violence. If you are concerned about your behaviour, or about someone using violence, call Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491.